Ayan Rafique

Instruments Taught:  Guitar/Bass

Employed at AMA:  2017

Years of Experience:  5 yrs

Education/Background:  Ayan is currently studying physics and electrical engineering at the honors program at Arizona State University. 

Something no one knows about ME:  I  took figure skating when I was young. 

Extended Biography:  "I have been playing guitar since I was 5 yrs. old. Music has always been a passion of mine as it allows me to peer into the emotion and ideas of others in a very 'human' way. I am currently studying physics and electrical engineering putting my research time into the field of artificial intelligence. Music will always be a tool for me to express myself and interact with the expressions of others in a way that helps me understand how others think. Even though to many, my interests may seem very incompatible and different from each other, they in fact all have the same purpose --to allow us to better understand the world we live in. I play all styles of music and my personality is such that I am always experimenting with new things!