Brahm's Babies  (0 - 6mos)

Brahm's Babies provides a special together time for moms, dads and family with baby through music and movement. Teachers provide selected activities to enhance development while babbling, tickling and gently bouncing with your baby. Singing, infant massage and exercise movement, and other active participation of music-making along with their caregiver helps create a musical connection. 

Early Childhood Program:  10 week sessions

  • BB/IBB/PP Classes:  $150  per 10 week session 
  • Music for Little Mozarts:  $175 per 10 week session

FALL SESSION -10 weeks $175          WINTER SESSION  - 9 weeks $157.50

Tuesday:  7/31 - 10/2                                  Tuesday:  10/10 - 12/12

Saturday:  8/5 - 10/7                                   Saturday:  10/14 - 12/16


CALL NOW for July Saturday classes!  ONLY pay for the weeks you will be attending!


Music for Little Mozarts  (3yr - 5yr)

Music for Little Mozarts is an acclaimed program for instilling an appreciation for music in young children ages 3-5 years old as well as introducing them to the piano, keyboard, rhythm, and harmony. All of our Music for Little Mozarts classes are group classes taught by a teacher trained in the Music for Little Mozarts program for early childhood development and education. It also prepares a young student for advancing to study or play a musical instrument. 

Itty Bitty Bachs (7mos - 18mos)

Itty Bitty Bachs is a music and movement class that focus on activities for the child and caregiver sharing the joy of music through singing, movement exploration, finger play, and use of simple instruments. 

Pachelbel PeeWees (18mos - 3yrs)

Pachelbel PeeWees are on the go! Each class is an adventure of fun! Toddlers sing, dance, and march while they explore the creation of music using small instruments and everyday materials.